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Well needless to say our collection for tomorrow is not happening. Contacted our dealer after being told yesterday to go ahead and sort the insurance to make sure it had arrived, I got a reply of "I'm not in until later so I'll check and come back to you".Bearing in mind when we ordered it last week Vauxhall were saying that our car would be at the dealers Friday/Saturday. Until joining this forum we were happy then we wondered what we had done but we were reassured on Monday that although it hadn't arrived over the weekend collection day was still going to be Thursday.
Husband has day off tomorrow, excited doesn't begin to describe how we were feeling until 4.30pm today when our elusive car hasn't arrived. Apparently it is somewhere in the UK but the transport company now have a backlog so it won't arrive until Monday. When I sent a text back to the dealer saying that although it arrives apparently on Monday we won't be able to collect as we have paid for the Lifeshine I never got a text back!!!!
Come on Vauxhall get your finger out. All these orders and no Mokka's, well come Monday No Car, No order for us we'll be giving our business to another Manufacturer where their cars actually do exist!!!!
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