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A review from MSN cars, this one again seems to touch on British Roads and whether the Mokka will be a little too harsh on the ride. But again this is an Opel they have tested - could Vauxhall tweak the suspension for the UK?

MSN said:
It's appreciably bigger than the Juke and plays the Qashqai very close for practicality, while looking like an appealingly rugged little package. That's going to appeal to buyers who want to be seen in a fun-sized off-roader ""“ not everyone embraces unconventional in this market.But our concern is that the unrefined engines and fidgety ride could prove to be the Mokka's undoing on British roads. It's got much to offer ""“ and early signs in German showrooms are encouraging ""“ but we'll reserve final judgment until driving it over here. The Mokka gets a qualified thumbs up, for now.
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