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Hi all,
I’m new to this forum but read quite a few posts with similar issues.

I got my 13 plate Mokka on finance a year and a half ago from a Vauxhall dealership. There was an issue when I first got the car not going into first gear properly. Since then I’ve had ongoing issues when the car gets warm the start/stop cutting out, the clutch half sticking down so I have to pull it up with my foot, and air behind the brake.
It’s been into the dealership 10 times now for this issue to be resolved. Each time it goes in they say they can’t find the fault. I had it in last week for the ‘final’ time after making a big complaint. They replaced the battery but again said nothing wrong with the clutch.
I picked up the car yesterday, only to drive it later in the day and the power steering completely failed - code 68 came up.
I love my mokka but I’ve completely had enough of all these issues and the garage saying they’ve fixed them.
I’m waiting to speak to the garage this morning, but has anyone managed to take a complaint further and get anywhere?
The car isn’t safe to drive so I feel i need a replacement.

Thank you
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