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This morning I found a message from the My Vauxhall app which said I had software updates available for the cars touch display and maps.

Recently someone mentioned a recall for a software update. Unfortunately nobody seems to have listed which version they have installed in there particular model.

It is quite relevant as we may be able to determine an issue that someone might have is resolved by or even caused by an update to whatever version software is in use or currently available.

Mine is currently
That's on the Mokka e

The newest version takes a long time to download and if I recall you need a 32GB USB drive with unrequired data to load the files onto. You then need a secure place to sit with your packed lunch whilst you load it onto the car and pray you won't need the toilet.

Latest version for my car is over 17.5GB and currently downloading with no size displayed for the maps update which is queued. [a size of 5.74GB was shown once the download started]

It would be useful to know what versions were loaded in the recall and to understand if there are different versions for different models.

The updates are done it took almost 4 hours to download and copy to a USB drive and a further 1.5 hours to install in the car.

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