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With the world at your fingertips thanks to the www who would have thought that it would be possible to fill that void between car order and delivery with so much information about what was once a grey area where you knew nothing bar what the dealership was telling!
So you can track the car build, track andmap the ship its on as it progresses which passes some time during those "quiet" periods at work, by the way the MV Tongala has just popped out the Suez and as I remember it from doing that journey from there to Portsmouth I reckon about 10 days which doesnt inlcude spending two days dodging bouyant discarded crap, stray channel swimmers and novice dinghy pilots, but what I find totalling startling is the size of this fat ship itself. Assuming the www is correct it can carry up to 6,500 cars,which explains why it works out so cheap to manufacture them abroad when the cargo charge is spread across so many units, and can be fully unloaded in 18 hours, possibly why most new cars spend a day or so at the dealership before going to the new owners to have the scratches blended out!

Anyway its nice to know that Tongala is doing well at a fine 16 knots just North of the Suez with fair easterly winds and moderate seas in the Med at a tepid 12 degrees C. Thank you www.
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