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Hey Everybody
My Mokka's on order.

Tech Line 1.7 TDi 2WD in Boracay Blue - preferred blue outside than on the dash.
Ordered with Adaptive Forward Lighting, Rear View Camera and Flex Fix Cycle Carrier.

It's a company car and i've been toldshould get it Feb / Mar 2013 - can't wait.

Fingers crossed Vauxhall are OK to deal with, think I might have been spoiled with my last two garages - Volvo and Hondafrom the same dealership group.

Part of me feels it might have been a risk tochose without having see onein the flesh, most importantly to see if I fit.Local dealer did try to find out if there were any demo models around - but it seemed in vain.It does seem weird tomake a car available to order but not have any form of demonstrator available until the first deliveries, hey-ho, i'm sure it will all be fine.

Look forward to hearing from those thatget their cars next month.


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Hi and welcome to the site

I think you do get the odd bad dealer regardless of car you buy, our local Vauxhall dealer seems spot on so hopefully yours is ok too.

Keep us updated with the order process and like you say keep popping back for when they start arriving
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