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Hi everybody.<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

My names Mark from Essex & I have been looking
at SUV's for the last year or so. I have test driven, prodded & poked
pretty much every brand going in the medium to small SUV market. From the Sportage to the Juke & everything
in between. The Mokka has been eagerly awaited to complete my list before
deciding which to go for.

I have come from a performance car background. Turbo
petrol AWD Subaru Imprezas getting 10-15mpg out of the high octane stuff if I
was lucky. But with a lot of smiles along the rapid way. Now I am settling down
due to enforced early ill health retirement (degenerative discs in my back)
& my limited income means I need a more sensible car with good mpg, cheap
road tax & insurance, extra long warranty, AWD & a high seating
position because of my back.

I am running a TD5 Defender (think rugged van) to
do some ducking & diving whilst waiting for the Mokka. It does some of the
above but only manages 30 mpg however it will sell easily when the time comes
& won't have lost much in the way of value. Plus it's a lot of fun to drive&
winter is upon us.

I got an invite to my local dealer for their weekend
spectacular & took a 1.7CDTi FWD
Exclusiv Start/Stop for a test drive. How light did that clutch feel after my
Defender? I am not really the person to
ask about how noisy or not the diesel is as I am living with a TD5 but let's
just say on the test drive I forgot it was a 6 speed box & was happily
cruising up the A120 at 70-80 in 5<sup>th</sup> without a thought about noise.
Luckily the salesman noticed before the mpg reading went off the scale.The only real competition for the Mokka in my opinion is the
Qashqai or the Juke which sort of straddle either side of it size & cost
wise. Where they lose out like for like is mpg, emissions & hence road tax
& the biggy ""“ Lifetime warranty. Because this car will be a ""keeper""� that was
the deal clincher.
So my order went in on 17 Nov for aSovereign Silver with Jet Black trimExclusiv1.7CDTi 4x4with, what turns out to be, a
very optimistic delivery estimate of late February which has since been updated
to April/May. I am not worried. I have locked in my £500 of fuel. I get more
time to sort out stuff with my ""van""� & I will get the new reg number that I
would have just missed if it had been delivered in February.

I went for the Adaptive Forward Lighting upgrade, a space saver sparewheel& a bit of protection.
Rubber mats, load tray, sill covers, mud flaps & paint/interior Supaguard.

Can't wait.

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Hi Mark, welcome to the forum.Like you I had a good look at the competition. The Juke was just too small in the boot and looks a bit odd. I liked the Qashqai (especially the keyless entry and panoramic roof) but the current model is getting a bit long in the tooth. The Mokka is my preferred choice due to it having the slightly larger engine (I'm a company car driver so makes a difference to the money I can claim back for fuel), better emissions and cheaper P11D. The digital radio is a welcome plus.
The April / May delivery date is a bit of a worry (they really seem to be slipping back) to me as my company specifies the wait time has to be less thn 6 months. At the moment I haven't got confirmation its even been ordered. :(

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Hey Eric welcome to the forum!!
Good to hear of a few extras being added to your exclusivplus your overview on someof your findings with the nissan range.
Like you im looking at mine to be a keeper for some time. so its work adding in what your after.

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Being a Motability customer I'm limited on what I can have and I had the same thoughts on the Qashqui too, everywhere you go you see one, and I do like to be different, which is why I chose the Mokka, yes I may have to wait a bit longer but will be worth it
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