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Hi All, I am new to your site and in to my 3 year of having the vauxhall Mokka. What I am going to ask has more than likely been on here before.
I had the SVS light come up on the dash and as I understand that this doesn't mean the vehicle needs a service (Which just been carried out).

I have a cheap fault code reader which came up with nothing, so I booked the car in with a local garage this week and they investigated the fault and there was only one permanent code there P0088 and this points to the fuel pressure sensor. This is only sold at vauxhall with the fuel rail, do you have any recommendation to proceed.

I've checked the power feeds and earth to the sender ( earth 0v, pin two 4.9v, pin three 4.9v) and on the sender I get a resistance reading between 1&3 but nothing on 1&2, but I have one I've been given which reads on both 1&3 and 1&2 so does this mean that the sensor could be faulty ? or should I check anything else.

Cheers for the help.
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