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Finally I have my mokka, I will post a review up shortly after going through everything, but one thing I'm stuck on is the Eco system. Can someone tell me how to actually work it? I have tried going into nuteral then placing the hand brake but nothing


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From the manual P118

Conditions for an Autostop
The stop-start system checks if each of the following conditions is fulfilled.
–  The stop-start system is not manually deactivated
–  the bonnet is fully closed
–  the driver's door is closed or the driver's seat belt is fastened
–  the battery is sufficiently charged and in good condition
–  the engine is warmed up
–  the engine coolant temperature is not too high
–  the engine exhaust temperature is not too high, e.g. after driving with high engine load
–  the ambient temperature is not too low
–  the climate control system allows an Autostop
–  the brake vacuum is sufficient
–  the self-cleaning function of the diesel particle filter is not active
–  the vehicle has moved since the last Autostop
Otherwise an Autostop will be inhibited.
Ambient temperature near to the freezing point can inhibit an Autostop.
Certain settings of the climate control system may inhibit an Autostop. See climate control chapter for more details.
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