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So you think the delivery times on the Mokka are BAD?

Had a call off Ford this morning as I enquired about the new Ford Ranger Wildtrak last week. As we are looking to replace my Dads current work horse. (L200 7 years old 100000 miles and auto) . And it really dose tick all the boxes for using it for work and personal use.

The salesman said he had a cancelled order arriving Saturday.. Rang back 30 mins later to say its just arrived on a transporter.

Dad went down He said it looks awesome even in all its delivery coating. So I've paid deposit. And he picks it up Friday

Looking at ranger forums tonight for pros and cons. OMG some poor buggers have been waiting 9 - 12 months plus. And Ford are no longer taking orders as they can not cope with demand. And we thought we got it bad at 6-7months

The salesman said he had lots of people interested so its a first come first serve basis. Looks like the sales man was not lying after all.

I've not got the heart to post on the forums and say just paid a deposit for a ranger wildtrak and pick it up Friday what's the pros and the cons.

So I thought I would post here
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