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Hello All

I've read a few posts and and threads about cleaning and protecting your Mokka and i think it would be good for people to have a read of this very informative How To on Detailing world

I am a detailing enthusiast and have spent a fair bit on cleaning products over the past few years and take great pride in my work. 

When our Mokka finally arrives i have given strict orders to the dealers not to clean or valet it. They can take the stickers off and that's it. My reasons are from experience. That most, not all valeters, that work for the dealers, really don't care. Say if they dropped the sponge or wash mitt, they don't rinse it off or get a new one, they Wac it straight into the bucket and straight onto the car. Swirl marks Galore

I know some of you may think its a bit petty or weird, but ive not spent my hard earned money for the paint work to get trashed before ive even driven it. 

Any way enough ranting and more onto the goods. The first thing i will do is a full detail and apply Conccours Ceramishield.

Not used it yet but it comes highly recommended by a good friend 

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