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Previous drive was a 1996 Landrover Discovery, have had it for 10 years. A very competant and pleasant car to drive, and the first to take us to Cornwall on holiday on our own, ie, without the kids, and will be missed when sold.

Had the Mokka 2 weeks now. Its a different animal, with all its electronic gizmo's, etc. Still getting used to it and adapting my driving habits to its ways. Have stalled it a few times and just finding out that instead of going for the key to restart, just press the clutch pedal to the floor and the stop/start system will restart it for you.

Took the Mokka on its first longish motorway run today, down the A2/M2 & M20 to Ashford, (just short of 50 miles each way door to door).

Tried out the cruise control, this I really like, press the button on the steering wheel, (you get a white icon on the rev counter dial), get to the speed you want, flick the switch on the steering wheel to set, (the icon on the rev counter dial turns green), and the car goes at the set speed up hill and down dale, just flicking the switch up (+) or down (-) speeds the car up or slows it down, if you need to pass other vehicles, just press throttle as usual, the
car will speed up, when past, release throttle and the car will settle
back to your selected cruise speed. Using the brake switches it to standby, (icon on the rev counter dial turns white). Pressing the steering wheel button again switches the cruise control off. The DIC will tell you briefly what happening when any button or switch is used. (Phew!! Writing it down it sounds a lot to do but it isn't in reality).

The road noise, depending on surface type, is more noticeable than we are used to, though not to such an extent that it detracts from a pleasant drive, its just there.

Found the comfort good. Again liked being able to take my right foot off the throttle without slowing down, a great bonus.
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