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Hi all and greetings from Finland,My missus has a 2014 Opel Mokka 1.4 Turbo (A14NET engine) with just over 40K on the clock. Just month ago the car was had the 40K service done, incl. brake fluid change and plugs, at the dealership.

Around that time, when the car was serviced, the car started occasionally acting up in starts. My missus cannot 100% recall did this start before of after the service. Anyway, this is how it goes: turning the key, engine will crank, as usual, but the engine won't start - turn the key again immediately, and the engine fires right up. This has happened every now and then and this far, I have been unable to find a pattern. I mean this may or may not occur during cold starts, extremely cold starts, when engine is warm, you name it. Only pattern is that this occurs in our Mokka, so far this problem has not 'jumped' into our other car

One oddity I noticed just the other day: when starting our Mokka, without problems, the tach needle stays at OFF during cranking and wakes up only after the engine fires, right? Well, when I experience a fail start one day, I noticed that during the cranking, tach needle woke up and went up to AUTO/STOP (or start / stop position) and wobbled at the pace of cranking!!

I have tested a couple of things this far:

- first thought, maybe the key & chip is failing? Gave another key to missus, but problem persists.
- problem with fuel pump or relay? Turning the key does prime the pump and line as is should, no problems there IMO.
- Possibly some problems with Start/Stop? Have now deactivated it manually before each start, but today we experienced a failed start again.
- went to nearby shop, to have error codes checked - none found.

Any ideas from anyone, what to look for next? To me this starts to sound like spark problem, more than fuel or air problem. Any possibility for the dealer to screw up with plug change to cause these problems? Coil pack failing?

I have dealer service (diagnostics) booked for 27th April, but if I could pin down the problem before that, I bet I would be able to save some hard earned cash.

All ideas or help would now be highly appreciated!

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