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    I’ve only had my new Mokka for a couple of weeks so it’s basically a first impressions of the thing coming from a Mokka X. First off, I loved my Mokka X (even though driving mags thought it sucked). Now we have the driving mags saying they like the new version will I end up hating it? Hmmmm…...
  2. Main Message Centre
    I really am at a loss as to why the New Mokka has some impressive updates compared to the Mokka X… and at the same time has such bizarre updating procedures. For instance it suggests the update can take around an hour to complete… and while it is updating THE ENGINE MUST BE RUNNING THE WHOLE...
  3. Main Message Centre
    So I took my old Mokka X in this morning and picked up my 1.2 petrol Launch Edition New Mokka. Sadly this stupid fuel shortage due to idiots panic buying means I can’t even take it out for a decent drive. So I decided to fit my front/rear Dashcam… but gave up when I found the nightmare that is...
  4. Help and Advice
    Anyone with the new mokka able to tell me where the odb port is so I can plug my AA car genie in? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough but can’t seem to find it. Or maybe there isn’t one?
1-4 of 4 Results