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  1. Chassis, Wheels & Tyres
    I have a Mokka X with (I think) 18 inch wheels - tyres say R18. What kind of Space Saver wheel do I need? Most seem to be 16 inch. Will that be OK? Thanks.
  2. Help and Advice
    I have loved my Mokka X Elite Auto but there is one thing I wish you could do, and that is dim the reversing camera. I would have thought that turning down the dash brightness would affect the reversing camera but it stays the same brightness even with the dash brightness at minimum, which...
  3. Newbies
    Hi everyone, I’m a new member of the owners club and a new owner of a 2018 Mokka X 1.4T thought I’d say hi and have a look around. thanks
  4. Help and Advice
    If anyone knows where these parts are in the car, please give me some advice. Thanks a lot
  5. ICE and Electronics
    Hi guys. I've been following this forum for a couple of months now with great interest whilst waiting for my new car to be delivered and have learned a few things as well. Thanks everyone. Now I have just taken delivery of my lovely velvet red Exclusiv last Friday. It's fabulous. I have a...
1-6 of 6 Results