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  1. Help and Advice
    Hi Everyone, Looking for some advice, i recently bought a mokka e and brought it to my work as we can charge for free but when i plug it into the charger which is a 3 phase Newmotion charger with a tethered type 2 cable, it says on the dash "charging at 0 miles per hour" for a couple of minutes...
  2. Mokka-e
    A number of people have had numerous issues with the app. The most recent update has done things like crash entirely on Apple phones or completely corrupt mileage data for Android users. The best way forward is to export you data if you want it then completely uninstall the app. delete the...
  3. Mokka-e
    Hello, I’m just about to pick up my Mokka E, and I’ve been hearing some poor results saying that the Mokka E has 120 miles long range results, can someone tell me if this is only on sport and normal, and what’s the real world long range results on ECO mode ? Regards
  4. Mokka-e
    Hi. Can anyone tell me a simple way to calculate mpge for my ev?
  5. Mokka-e
    Hi. My name is Andy and i am the proud owner of a mokka e sri nav. I have a quick question. The central air vent only blows from the left side. Is this something left over from left hand drive cars or a fault and are they all the same? I have only had it less than 2 weeks so still ironing out...
  6. Main Message Centre
    Hi, My Mokka arrived recently after much waiting. The raised floor boot load panel I had been given to believe was included with my model was not supplied. It appears the item is available for around £320 which is 1 percent of the cost of the whole car (e Launch) so I thought I would just make...
1-6 of 6 Results