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  1. Mokka-e
    Hi. Can anyone tell me a simple way to calculate mpge for my ev?
  2. Mokka-e
    Hi. My name is Andy and i am the proud owner of a mokka e sri nav. I have a quick question. The central air vent only blows from the left side. Is this something left over from left hand drive cars or a fault and are they all the same? I have only had it less than 2 weeks so still ironing out...
  3. Main Message Centre
    Hi, My Mokka arrived recently after much waiting. The raised floor boot load panel I had been given to believe was included with my model was not supplied. It appears the item is available for around £320 which is 1 percent of the cost of the whole car (e Launch) so I thought I would just make...
1-3 of 3 Results