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    Hi. I have a 2015 Mokka with automatic transmission. I want to change the automatic transmission fluid. The Haynes Manual says the capacity is 4 to 6 litres, which is quite a difference in the amounts. I was therefore wondering if the 1.4 takes 4 litres and the 1.7 takes 6 litres? I don't want...
  2. Faults & Fixes
    I bought a 2015 Mokka took it for the first drive home and after 3 miles of 30 MPH road it seemed OK then I put my put down in the 60 MPH and large amounts of Smoke and loss of Power so car would not go over 45 MPH - The garage say it is Oil in Pipes that it needs Flushing & I saw a Webpage...
1-2 of 2 Results