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  1. Help and Advice
    Doing some upgrades on my Mokka and I bought a Workshop Manual, this is not a Haynes Manual. Don't think this would be any good for a novice to read from like a Haynes Manual but I'm linking it for all anyway. Also linking a handy PDF Fuse Box Diagram which may help some, will also link the...
  2. Help and Advice
    Hi, i just purchased a 2015 Mokka. I was wondering if i can use a home vacuum cleaner (600W) using car battery power via 230 v plug? Will it drain the battery? Has anyone used it? Thank you for the help.
  3. Help and Advice
    Hi everyone, yesterday when I opened my boot and then shut it again it still said 'Boot lid is open' on the dash. I got out and re - shut it and it stayed the same. Got home and turned car off and locked it. Came out today and started car and up came 'Boot lid is open' again. The boot is firmly...
1-3 of 3 Results